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Donna Marie Erotic Embodiment 

London, UK

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Embodied Dance


Sensual Movement for discovering your power within!

1:1 sessions of awakening and using the unique sensations of your body as a tool to release your shadows, as you turn in to your inner self and discovering the depth of your soul for expansion of consciousness, self awareness, self discovery, healing, presence to feel whole, balanced and connected. 

This class provides many natural healing benefits to facilitate the bodies natural healing processes and is ideal if you have been through a chronic stress or trauma. 

This is a guided practice to help you reclaim your body, ignite creativity, confidence and harness sexual empowerment.  

Through consistent practice it balances your feminine and masculine energy system so you come to know yourself on deeper levels and embody your full soul expression fully. 

You become enriched and unstoppable. 

When you practice with self commitment, you really learn to know more about yourself and love yourself more.

You discover your deeper purpose and become empowered inside out. 

Sessions are on 1:1 and held on zoom. 


Free 30 minute taster session  

Single 60 minute session- £67

Block of three session package- £197

Block of six session package- £397

Want to step outside of the comfort zone into embodying your best version of self?



Yin Yoni Yoga - 6 Week Course 

Self love, self care and sensuality is a necessity not a luxury...

It is when you feel the most spacious, expansive and content..

This offering is a 6 week one to one

yin yoga package through Yoni Awakening and deep yin yoga to ignite your sexual power and fall in love with your menstrual cycle.

Yin yoga is a soft, slow and sensual experience that allows you to journey inwards to find that intimate connection with yourself, to relax and love yourself from head to toe..

Where you find freedom, pleasure and intimate connection with yourself which allows you to let go, surrender and discover the wonders of your womb...

When was the last time you spent time with just you, your body and let yourself feel & bathe in the wonderful and blissful sensations of the magic that is your body..

Through this yin practice we take long held poses whilst using a Yoni egg so you can fully
 embody and experience your 

sensuality, feeling, pleasure softness and openness inside out empower you to states of freedom and pleasure.


This is definitely a course to take 

 to improve your sex life, sexual vitality and stamina.

Price £297


Liberate, Empower, Transform

1:1 Coaching - Express, Empower, Embody, Evolve!

Shift your life by delving into your yoga practice on and off the mat to discover yourself on deeper and more intimate levels than before..

Yoga and tantra is a way of life and a dynamic powerful way to transform your life.

I teach to ensure an intimate, bespoke focused and powerful experience which is an intensive journey of self inquiry, self exploration, awakening and realization.


My approach is person centred and we learn more than just’s about discovering you.

I promise you an eye opening, enlightening and uplifting journey where you will find your voice, embody confident expression and be able to walk through life self mastered, creatively inspired and sexually empowered.

You start to create an empowering relationship with your sexual organs and soul..

My teachings involves learning: 

Key fundamental yogic principles 

For spiritual growth and manifesting

Intensive elemental development

Embodying the elements of fire, water, air and ether for sexual empowerment and life transformation

Setting up your sacred ritual for practice

 Creating your sacred space for practice

Pranayama & Breathwork

For journeying inwards - Get out if the head and into the body, clear blockages and awaken dormant potential

Awakening Yoni & Yoni Egg / Tools home self pleasure 


Drop deeper into your own sexuality and discover more of who you are.

Open up to different states of pleasure, orgasmic states and evolve your creative potential.

Tantric Polarity Coaching

Divine balance of masculine & feminine 

Through the practices of Tantra, one’s awareness of the soul would expand, causing liberation from the confines of physical limitations.

A path based on energy, Tantra is a practice in which sexual energy is generated and harnessed for purification of the energetic body to reach heightened states of pleasure and find your power, purpose and freedom. 


By merging feminine and masculine energies, either within one’s own body or by merging souls with a beloved partner of opposite energies (such as masculine and feminine), a pathway can be created through which energetic communion with the Higher Power could occur.

Enlightenment and bliss are the rewards.

Personalized Meditation & Yin practice

Asana practice tailored to your needs to purify blocked energy, release limitations and discover yourself on deeper intimate levels.

Enlighten Package -

Three month full intensive journey 

(12 sessions)

£2,997 - Pay in full to receive bonuses | Installments available


Once weekly 60 minute online coaching sessions, with accountability in between your sessions with access to recordings and at home practice bespoke to your needs. 

You receive a monthly bonus Yoni reading session and £50 off  a Tantric Photo Experience 

Embody Package -

Two month full intensive journey

(8 sessions)

£1,997 - Installments available

Once weekly 60 minute online coaching session a week with accountability in between your sessions with access to recordings and at home practice bespoke to your needs. 

Once a month coaching -

90 minute teaching and coaching or reading

Learn and embody all the above but over a longer period of time. 

You should expect the same results but things will be a slower manifest. 



Tantric Photography Experience 


Ever thought how empowering it would be stepping outside the comfort zone and embarking on a self loving and full bodied tantric experience and allowing yourself to surrender, just be, feel and love who you are just as you are ?

For most women they don't like the way they look, feel or see themselves in the mirror..

I am here to inspire and show you how beautiful and incredible you are inside out and love the reflection you see in the mirror rather than loathe it. 

I want to take you to the edge of what you think your capable of and beyond the mind so your tantric journey is one of transcendence, transformation and truth. 

As a women who immerses herself in photo journeys on a regular basis I can truly say it is one of the most powerful and potent ways we can show up as real women of authenticity for ourselves..


As we do this, we break through fears, liberate our emotional wounds and ignite our life to feel alive again in body, mind and soul.


The experiences are done with your own home for comfort so you can really let your hair down, let go of all inhibitions and be present in the moment whatever your idea is we can make your journey a unique experience like nothing you've done before.  

I also work with couples shall you wish to have a couples experience.


Lets shedd the layers, learn to love the skin your in, connect the heart, head and hara and immerse yourself in a journey that is truly memorable.. 

To find out more simply contact me below..


Wild Goddess Hen Party!

Perfect for the dare devil women that don’t mind getting outside their comfort zone, trying something different and getting their hands dirty to have a memorable night that you’ll never forget!

Do you want to be immediately taken to a place of feminine strength and sexiness?

Do you want to be an empowered goddess?

Wild Goddess hen parties are a way to feel sexually empowered way for all your hens to get to know each other on a deeper level and have lots of fabulous fulfilling memorable moments! 


Wild goddess hen parties are a step outside of the comfort zone to a place where you’ve never been before but you have the most ecstatic blissful moments of empowerment and radiance!

It is your space to be and do whatever you want you to do, be who ever you want to be, no judgement here..

I’m your guide to the hold space and deliver empowering practices so you can let your hair down, so you can just be, you can dance the night away, there is no rigidity here, just a place to explore, have fun and play, I can even be your photographer for the night to capture the magic!

Prices start from £97 per person, sessions can be online, for more details send me a message using the button below.