Online Workshops 

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This online zoom workshop is a 2 hour deep dive to teach you the energetic art of manifestation the healthy and right way that creates rapid results..


Who its for:


For the Holistic professional, healer / fitness professional, creative expert, Consultant or Conscious Entrepreneur who:


-Wants to feel better and earn more without adding more workload, stress or burdens..


-Has tried *everything* but are still subconsciously sabotaging their success, without realizing it..


-Wants to know how to charge their worth without fear...


-Wants to overcome the fear of judgement so they can show up with unstoppable embodied confidence


-Wants to manifest their desires, NOT their fears...


-Wants to experience an entire embodiment shift that'll solves ALL that so they go from I KNOW to I AM THIS ..


-Wants to earn more from doing less clients but delivering more results


You will need an open mind and an open book..



What you'll be doing:


Taking a deep dive into clearing our money relationship and beliefs around money


Clearing major roadblocks and barriers to receiving


Rewiring our business beliefs and upgrading our money mindset to one of lack to one of flow and abundance


Upscale your money potential to triple your income - Aligning intention and action with head and heart


Getting out off your own way by releasing the sabotaging behaviours that are currently keeping you stuck


Using the powerful energy of the full moon to assist you in releasing whats not serving you and supercharging your intentions for manifesting with ease.


Upgrade your money mindset to high ticket receiving


Aligning actions and next steps


Increasing your prices


You will need.


A journal..

No distractions and your full attention.


Investment £97.00

I can't wait to see you there !