Theta Healing 

Unblock your beliefs at all levels, transform your life and business, manifest and create your desired goal with ease!

Release, Heal and Receive. 


I not only learned so much on ThetaHealing, it was a healing for me and the confirmation was the change I felt!

-Patrice Manary

Totally changed every aspect of my life.

-Lois Lee Fellers

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for sharing such a wonderful modality that has helped so many people. It has indeed changed my life.

-Christine Powell

No other technique gives as much answers as ThetaHealing does.

- Karin Packfrieder

With ThetaHealing I experienced profound vibration shifts that altered my life when I healed my own issues, experienced miraculous healings within my family relationships and found my life purpose.

-Diana Palm

90 Minute Release and Manifest Session 


6 x 60 Minute Release and Manifest Sessions 


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