Ascend Your Business
Join The Neuro Network

Do you ever feel like you've been networking to the wrong places, to the wrong people and you've been attracting the wrong client's...or maybe you just want to join a high vibe conscious community to grow with together with many minds?

Imagine the potential and expansion!

So here I welcome a more dynamic, interpersonal and intimate approach to networking well with confidence connected to your heart centre.

I will be leading the session with an opening meditation whilst Julian will be sharing business strategy tips and them myself ending with a closing manifestation practice to actualize your goals.

This is a monthly connect and networking ideal for the holistic, lightworker, creative, artistic, empathic and spiritual business leaders to share and promote yourself with power, up level yourself and ascend your business.

We will be spotlighting one member per month who will have ten minutes to speak about their business and we will do break-out rooms so you can go deeper in conversation with guests.

You will each get 60 seconds to promote your offers and details will be exchanged after the session for you to continue your connection.