Soul Alignment Expert Interviews 

Expert Interview: Life Coaching with Horses Empowerment Through Connection with Elysia Jane Buss


“I have loved horses all my life.
I have found them to be kind and non-judgemental.
They always listen and provide excellent metaphors for life, and the occasional swift reminder as to the importance of balance, respect, and healthy boundaries.

I ended up being a professional student; attending 10 different colleges over 10 years while attaining several degrees and certifications.

But with hard work, discipline, guidance, and a good support system; I learned that just about anything is possible.

Though, if I had a life coach when I was young, my life would have been a lot less stressful and far more efficient.

I have run my own business as a medical massage therapist for 18 years.
I’ve worked as the clinical services director at a chiropractic office for several years, and have worked in management.
My life has been dynamic and introspective, which has provided me with a treasure trove of resources to help guide others in the journey towards their goals.

I look forward to meeting you and helping you with yours..”

Thank you again Donna Marie! People can find me at, Or on my Facebook page Global Equine Affiliates.

Expert interview with Julian Knopf of The Way You Are by Gander Photography

Julian create's powerful experiences for women enabling them to look and feel like an artist's muse..

The photographic journey I take you on allows you to feel free to express yourself..

Beauty, strength, personality, uniqueness all of these amazing qualities, captured and presented in amazing and beautiful imagery...

Your journey is like no other, your images are your's for you no one else will have anything like them..

This is a gift...

An indulgence to shake of the fear and loose the shame ...


The Way You Are is an opportunity to shine bright and strong ..


Welcome to The Way You Are


You can find Julian on his social platforms here: