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Be me?

What’s that?

What if you could dissolve all the definitions of what you think you are, should be, shouldn’t be, can be, can’t be, and all the rest of that..

And instead was able to find what’s true for you beyond projection, conclusion, expectation and judgement?

You are a gift.

You don’t need to change what you are to be what your not to fit.

You can choose to create your reality with yourself and your body..

This call is about being out of control and being free in being and body by coming out of judgement, dissolving definition, ending the abuse of your body and beating up of yourself..

And choosing to receive way more.. laughter, lust, luxury, living

With everything..

End proving, perfectionism and trying to be right or feeling wrong..

And instead explore yourself, dive into discovery and choose to work in collaboration with your body in all you do instead of against it.

This is your choice to choose something different than you’ve been told your allowed to have, do and be.

Saturday 11th June 4-6pm GMT

Join from anywhere in the world.