Why Your Social Media Branding Needs To Speak To GenZ

As we move into the new year, businesses will be taking a collective breath and looking at how they can move forwards into 2021.

Social media has become an important part of the marketing mix in recent years, and never more so than in the past 12 months. As a post for Alexa Blog, written by director of marketing at Alexa Kim Kosaka, recently noted, social media marketing spend climbed by 74 per cent during the global pandemic.

Brands should also look at how they can effectively target and communicate with Generation Z, who are now coming into adulthood.

This is the first generation who have grown up with technology, such as smartphones and social media, which means they have a different perspective to those who have gone before.

One of the elements you have to bear in mind is that “Gen Zers care about what’s going on in the world because they’re more connected to it than any other generation before them,” Ms Kosaka noted.

She also cited research which found that 68 per cent of those in this demographic expect a brand to contribute to society, so you need to find a way of showing how you do that via your social media profiles.

“Gen Zers want to see brands that care about equality and the environment, and need those values prominently displayed on social media in order for them to engage,” Ms Kosaka asserted.

As we noted recently, it’s important to understand that your brand encompasses a variety of elements and you need to showcase these effectively across your social channels.

Getting the right social media branding photography can help you set the right tone and make sure that all of your social profiles are consistent.

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