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Updated: Nov 13, 2020

WHAT DO YOU SEE? (A blog by Maria Fotiou)

''We see what we are ready to see...

According to the Mysteries of the Mirror, we tend to recognize in another something that also exists within ourselves and yet, we can never truly know another from the reflection. We are all wonderfully complex human beings remembering our Light...

Or should I say, we are beings of Light having a wonderfully complex human experience

I would like to invite you to look at these photos taken last month by the wonderfully talented Donna Marie where else but Wimbledon Commons lollllll..... my "nature home" where my soul, spirit and body go to rest and rejuvenate.

Having spent years of gaslighting and recovering from the trauma, I have gone multiple times through the process of "dark night of the soul". The shedding of the old identity to the point where I lost touch with my image/ reflection. I have learnt to love myself deeply in so many new ways.... I just did not really bother looking in the mirror anymore... disinterested in what I or anyone else would see in the reflection.

Then I met Donna who does personal branding photoshoots and I knew that it was time to gift myself the opportunity to stand in front of the camera.

I wanted to celebrate my feminine body in its current size and form. I had started piling the extra weight as a result of the gaslighting and with the conscious agreement to lose it once I feel ready again. In the process, I fell in love with it and its capacity to move, hold pleasure and pain, and guide me through with its innate wisdom.

On the day of the photoshoot, I am deeply grateful that Donna simply allowed me to "play" as I moved around the trees and all over the space, trying different outfits, throwing my hands and legs in the air, getting into poses.

I have realized afterwards that the "best" (my most favourite) photos were not the ones where I posed *for* the camera... No, they were the ones where I was posing *with* the trees, the leaves, the ground beneath my feet, the sun in my eyes!

My favourite photos were the ones where I simply stepped into the intention for the day to...... have fun and enjoy the present moment!

The great thing about Donna was that she brought not only her amazing skills but her own enthusiasm and passion for this process that enabled me to feel free to be myself in all the different versions that came through organically on the day!

Donna has the perfect balance to guide, support and encourage whilst also welcome spontaneous expression with a free reign! Looking at all my photos, I honestly believe that I would not have this end result with any other photographer! Deep bow of gratitude and huge high-fives to Donna!

After the reveal of the photos, Donna encouraged me to take some time to reflect on the photos before sharing them out.

Donna shares a lot of information about branding photography as a process of empowerment and stepping into authentic presence. It has literally taken me almost a month looking at my new reflection and I am still finding it hard to express the full impact in one sentence.

I loved working with Maria because it was challenging, empowering and out of comfort zone. This was my first shoot where I really pushed myself to the next level in my photographic and spiritual work.

I learnt a lot about her and i felt very privileged to be part of her space, because thats what it was for her. Her space and she allowing me in to witness and capture that!

Thankyou Maria for taking me on a journey as I hoped I did with you.

It's a wrap! Magic happened!

She's glowing!

Here's her full journey testimonial.

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