When your photo speaks a 1000 words- Blog with Nate Thomas Yoga

This is a big why I do what I do!

Helping incredible leaders get visible with their story and WHY so they can help more people and create the ripple effect to be of service!

I met Nate early on this year as we taught yoga at the same studio and I was pretty blown away by his story and inspired.

Taking his photos felt a great honour for me as like me being a healer we come into this line of work usually from a tragic or troublesome backstory.

It gave me chills reading this and seeing this photo today and I find it so impactful.

I'm about showing the soul and bringing it out, when the soul speaks your true voice is heard and you make massive impact.

Your branding photos really are more than just photos they tell your story and your why and thats what makes people reach out to you not because your the best at what you do but because of your why.

Here's the full article here:

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