When your creative dreams manifest into reality!

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

I'll be honest and say I only set up my Donna Marie Photography in August this year 2020 and my growth feels like I've put my foot on the accelerator pedal and things I've always had in the back of my mind wanting and wishing I could do them have finally come to fruition....

I met a photographer briefly at a networking meeting in my hometown of Broxbourne on the off chance (because I nearly didn't go) and we were briefly introduced...

Before then I had shifted my life drastically and had moved away from Bristol, where I had a built a successful holistic therapy and coaching business for 6 years but I listened to my gut instinct and took the leap of faith and moved back to my hometown to start all over again...

It was terrifying, it felt like I was about to jump out off a plane and not know where I was going to land...

The first few months of this year I didn't feel aligned anymore, I was confused, my direction was in very direction and I wasn't happy..

That took a dramatic but inspirational turn...

8 months later after tonnes of inner work and huge upgrades in my spiritual growth and going through a modelling journey with Julian Knopf of Gander photography - I embarked on his ' The way you are' journey. (I had always wanted to be a model)

I ended up becoming one and being signed with one of the most prestigious agencies in London at Your model management, insane divine timing right ?

For me it was about my story, my birth trauma, my sexual trauma and I wanted to turn my pain to purpose and share my story to inspire others..

I feel I have done a lot of that but then again I also feel like this is just the beginning..

You can't write these things, but it was always there in the back of my mind..

I had also been taking photos of everything and everyone who'd let me in the background for years and wanted to be a photographer...

I used to go these parties and events, weddings and gigs and see photographers there and think if only I could be a photographer that would be so cool!

I've had a bad boudoir experience in the past once and it put me off...

I only liked a few of the pictures and I found it all pretense and well it didn't make me inspired, far from it..

However the journey I've been through in Lockdown has been immense, intense and insane....

I've discovered parts of myself I didn't realize I had, I've discovered incredible versions of myself that were waiting to be seen and acknowledged..

I've let go off a tonne of baggage, awakened my expansive creative energy and I've become a full time branding designer, photographer and model..

Yes! I picked up a camera, I took the leap of faith and started building my portfolio..

Since August I have pushed myself and broken through some deep fears and struggles...

I've now shot 12 shoots and have been booked for more already..

I've turned around parts of myself I've shamed and hated into loving them and using them as a way of expression and art...

I've discovered that art doesn't have to be the paintings that I was so talented at creating years back but my body is my art, my temple and a canvas that is waiting to be forever transformed from blank to anythings possible..

As I have been working with Julian the synergy has been so aligned and I've done a few shoots of him too, now that was strange but incredibly empowering on both sides...

I have birthed two new businesses and I have had one of my photos of Julian published in the 'The Jewish Chronicle' The worlds oldest and most influential newspaper- Again this just happened out of the blue after he wrote an article speaking his true voice, after all that's what I aim to help people to do!

For me its about connection and collaboration, not competition!

When two creatives align, magic happens multiplied!

Literally my creative dreams are manifesting but i'm making them happen and then the universe delivers surprises!

I'm overwhelmingly inspired on many levels and its hard to contain at times.. but I'm in awe of how far I can come and how much it creates an incredible ripple effect in terms of the Laws of the universe!

Never give up, believing in yourself, you achieve what you think, feel and you will become it!

Oh yeh and trust the process.

Watch this space for much more to come!

You can view the article below..

Thankyou and goodnight.

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