Personal branding shoot makes an impact

Updated: Sep 28, 2020

I loved shooting this journey..

It takes vulnerability and openness to be shot..

To allow yourself to be visible and captured..

Because you are fronted with yourself .. A space to see yourself and reveal unconscious facets..

Heres what Fabian Adami had to say after his photoshoot..

“75% + of suicides in the UK are committed by men. It's the single biggest killer of men aged 40-49. Men are more likely than women to be involved in substance abuse, and statistics show that eating disorders, body image problems are on the rise. Men have been conditioned by society to "pull our socks up," to "just get on with it," and to just "be strong." Vulnerability is defined as weakness. I speak from experience in all of this, having heard such comments from other men, as well as from women. If society wants to be rid of toxic masculinity, if society wants men to shift, then it's not just those of us with testosterone running through our systems who need to change, it's the whole conversation. Space has to be created--and yes, women must play a role here too--for men to be able to open up without being labelled as weak or spineless.

It's ok to be struggling, and above all, it's ok to say "HELP!"

Thank you Donna for a fabulous afternoon photo shoot, which has put the work I've done, the changes I've made right up "in my grill." ”

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