Why holistic personal branding matters if you want to build a strong highly profitable future proof conscious business..

Personal branding is the starting point and building block of any successful business

You are your brand and business is personal and about connection especially if your a consultant, healer or therapist in some way..

People want to work with YOU

So tip number one is..

Let go of the LABELS of what to call yourself as they are just limitations and barriers..

YOU are YOU- If you don’t like you (you’ll need to do the inner work to love yourself)

Your personal brand is how you are perceived by others, what people think and say about you..

the energy you give out..

your values..

your purpose..

your story..

your journey..

your vision and mission..

your beliefs and how you present that out online ..

Crystal clear conversations and confidence in your word ..

So the question to ask yourself to see if your in balance and alignment with your personal brand is ..

Are you the same person offline as online ?

Are you being truly honest, real, authentic and integral?

What is your reputation ?

Why should people work with you ?

What do you know ?

Personal branding isn’t selfish is essential if you have a strong cause and you want to make an impact because you are the voice to make change ..

Personal branding is determination and commitment to leaving a legacy and inspiring others to create a better life for themselves and their family’s future - GENERATIONAL WORTH

You personal brand is everything you are - so do you portray it?

Most people are scared of being visible and being seen, you see it as icky and braggy..

I encourage you to shift that self perception now if you want to make a difference you got to get out of your own way...

Building a strong and purposeful presence online with your purposeful brand will attract the right tribe to you with ease ..

The people who are ready to invest and work with you ..

The people who are also the same as you- thought leaders, innovators, healers, experts who want to make a real change too..

They will see their value when you see yours.

Building a holistic personal brand that considers the whole person takes a deep dive to uncover and pull out the very best assets that are available that may not be currently visible because your hiding or sabotaging unconsciously in some way..

Building a strong profitable personal brand isn’t instant it takes a few months minimum but that’s why it’s important to start today..

Starting today defines your tomorrow..

Not starting today will just block your potential, success and happiness..

How much longer will you be in the pain of not being seen or heard anymore before you take action..

5 more years ? !

It’s about being READY now even if you don’t feel confident about it because we can swiftly change that in 5 minutes.

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