Liberate, transform and empower from stage fright!

Standing out, being the expert and being visible is more important than ever..

When you have a purposeful service that you provide to support your clients in these times..

It’s about feeling confident, empowered and supporting others..

But how do you do that if you can't be seen?

Branding photography is about your journey..

Why you do what you do ?

My business journey is my healing journey from where I was once very ill with manic depression and anxiety..

But ..

My creativity has always been where I've flourished and felt happy ...

Was I good at maths at school ? No I failed, I got an E..

Was I good at english ? Yeh I did ok..

PE was my dread..I failed

In Art I excelled , I got A*'s and my paintings were all over the school..

Because I didn't realize it till today but my art was my place where I could release, let go and portray my state of mind even when I couldn't speak ...

Years later I was amazed when I applied to The royal academy of dramatic art - Technical Theatre & Stage management degree course and I took my huge portfolio..

It was a very scary day for me..

I went in with fear and thought they'd turn me away..

I was riddled with self doubt..

But I'd got this far..

The day they called and said I got a place was mind blowing..

How did me with hardly any GCSE's get a place in the most prestigious theatre school in London ?

They saw my passion, drive and purpose…

It was a tough profession to be in, creatively demanding but powerful and some of the best years of my life..

My heart sang in the midst of my creativity..

Painting huge set pieces..

And lighting them..

Bringing the stage to life, the people and audience..

It’s an empowering feeling to be visible and seen ..

I used to see the energy of the stage and smile to myself that I was a huge part of making that happen..

It literally LIT me up!

I’ve always had the artistic eye…

I think I went through some of the toughest times in my life to really realise and wake me up to that because although I knew It I didn’t really see it …

Connecting with my clients purposes is my passion..

Finding out who you are and why you do what you do..

Photography enables me and you to have visual evidence of what you have achieved and how far you’ve come..

Past all the challenges..

Knowing your history is important to me..

We all have a reason..

Are you ready to be visible to share yours?

To relate to your clients and see yourself in the light ?

To step out of the dark ?

Allowing me a backstage pass is key to discovering you and me discovering more of me..

With every shoot I do I learn more..

That inner voice speaks..

Allow yours to, through seeing the authentic you

I guide you and put you at ease so we can have a great time so we can get those great photos that speak a 1000 words !

Yes you may cry and break through some fears but it’s an ever rewarding process.

Then you can really stand in your power and shine.

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