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Is 2021 The Year To Redefine Wellness?

Wellness is an all-encompassing term that has a variety of meanings depending on the person. With the global pandemic continuing to disrupt what we once thought of as ‘normal’ life, there is a greater need than ever for wellness practitioners and practices.

As an article for Fashionista recently noted, 2021 could be the year that you can redefine wellness and, in providing your own clear definition of what wellness means to you, help others find their wellness practice.

The publication spoke to several experts and advocates from across the wellness spectrum to get their thoughts.

Founder of The Underbelly Yoga Jessamyn Stanley explained that, for her, wellness “is all about the holistic self”, which encompasses the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual experience.

She also said that there’s a need to “collectively redefine wellness because we are in a time of great social peril, and there’s no way to survive the chaos if you’re not taking care of every single piece of yourself, checking in with yourself, and putting yourself first”.

Joe Holder, Nike master trainer and founder of the Ocho System, told the news provider that this is also an important time to “more clearly define what our wellness strategies are”. He added that it’s important to broaden the definition of wellness beyond fitness and nutrition.

MindBody recently shared the top five wellness trends to watch in 2021, noting that virtual workouts and fitness sessions are here to stay, with the app also revealing that yoga classes are the most frequently streamed sessions on the platform.

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