For those of you who want to get on sales calls and close them without fear, anxiety or discomfort..

Mastering masculine and feminine balance is key to empowering your sales skillset..

Graceful sales is all about having your awareness and energy in balance, presence and alignment...

Being a leader and authority on your calls is about deep listening and acknowledging ..

Tuning into energy of the call ..

Mastering the art of holding back vs positioning your authority..

Your aim is to help someone make a life changing decision based on what they truly need...

Here’s the process of a high tick

et sales call to get you moving forwards with structure ..

A. Set the frame to start to call- The direct focus

B. Discovery -Finding out where they are at and where they want to be

C. Recap- Ask them is there’s anything else they need to know ..

D. Pre-pitch insights and ask permission to offer your thoughts with value ..

E. Pre-commitment questions to check in to see if they qualify and if there is a good fit..

F. Offer an invite to work with you and Offer OR no offer..

Ask me anything about your sales calls / objections and let’s see how I can provide you with first hand value to break you through to the next level of high ticket sales.

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