Finding alignment in your business & aligned clients is all about shifting your thinking and energy!

When Laura came to me she had a few challenges...

Finding aligned clients...

Her niche..

Pricing her worth for her services...

Upon tapping into her intuition, clearing some wealth blocks and asking her some deep questions about her why...

She took the tools away..

She not only gained two new clients..

But two clients at her new higher paid offer..

And is on fire with her group and social media too !

Well done Laura Aurora Your amazing!

Want to say thank you to Donna Marie for our zoom session the other day.

She helped me see the gaps in my message and knowing who my ideal clients are. She encouraged me to ask my current clients questions about what they get from working with me so I can hone in on what my unique gifts are.

I just sent the questions out to clients and can't wait to get some feedback.

Donna helped me see the value of my work, the niche I deliver and that I shouldn't be afraid of charging more for my services.

I feel empowered and excited after our session thank you xxx

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