Branding shoots are a journey of empowerment

I do love shooting men..

Because they need to be empowered and recognized too as us women do!

Behind every successful women there is a successful man.

“As a kid and teenager I used to desire a feeling of strong confidence and self worth but I was always afraid to pursue it.

Not until my mid-twenties did I realize I had that confidence, that power, that self-worth within me and slowly, bit by bit I allowed myself to enjoy life a little more.

But there’s feeling and being it and then there’s showing and authenticating it and it can totally be done with the utmost honesty, humility and genuine


I very much enjoy an alternative lifestyle and indulge in a “rock and roll/denim and biker boots” look when the social situation allows and I wanted to bring that out for me.

Just some photos I could use to advertise me be it social media, modelling, background extra portfolio you name it.

Now I could have gone to any number of modelling agencies (and trust me, I’ve done them before).

I’d get the same pitch; “I’ve got great potential”, “let’s have you wearing this”, etc etc. “Small” fee at the end where they’d try and flog you your own image looking and feeling nothing like who you are for an indecent amount and empty promises.

Then there’s Donna Marie.

Donna is not interested in getting you into London Fashion week. She’s just interested in you and what you love doing.

She’s interested in WHO you are and how to bring it to life in still image on YOUR terms and she’s good at it.

I mean really good.

I’ve never felt more relaxed, encouraged and confident in a shoot than with her.

The experience is completely pressure free, she has a calming energy, a good eye and she listens.

The photos of me by her accurately capture my spirit and who I am and hey, you could be a completely different kind of person. Trust me!

She can do the same for you, on your terms, your collaborative ideas and I promise you’ll have a great time doing it.

Thank you so much Donna!

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