1:1 Mentorship


A three month Personal Branding, Visibility and Manifesting Mentorship 1:1 Online Zoom Programme with Donna Marie.

For spiritual, wellbeing, holistic, creative, thought leaders and performance/ theatrical entrepreneurs 


Do you want to grow?

Do you want more clarity, to organize your thoughts so you can efficiently and effectively market your business without wasting time and saving money?

Then this is the programme for you if you want to get powerfully visible, stand out from the crowd and and attract your ideal client base.

Through this programme we work 1:1 to develop clear, concise and confident communication that is on brand energetically and emotionally, that inspires, influences and impacts your audience to reach out and work with you and continue to. 

We work together to manifest your desired outcomes and ignite your brand to next levels through deep exploration of the brand chakras and a attraction marketing and manifesting process that is aimed at transforming the approach in which you work by getting to the core of your purpose. 

Who is this for?

Spiritual, wellbeing, holistic, creative, thought leaders and performance/ theatrical entrepreneurs 

  • Position yourself as an expert

  • Increase your visibility on and offline

  • Find your true voice and express is clearly, concisely in a way that connects with your target audience with ease

  • You want to niche / focus on a new project

  • Your multi-talented and you want to build a personal brand that covers your many gifts and talents 

What do we do ?

Through the 12 weeks (three months) of mentorship we combine a practical business strategy that works personally for you.

  • Deep personal development 

  • Deepen your intuition and natural gifts

  • Deepen your knowledge 

  • Broaden and evolve your creativity

  • You will be able to to fully express yourself without fear holding you back 

  • You will be able to charge more and do less, saving time and money, but deliver tonnes more value

  • You receive a manifesting and marketing process and formula that I myself and my clients have used multiple times that you can continue to use year by year to create your dream business

How will it help you?


  1. You will be able to tell your brand story simply, effectively and impact-fully so people really stop scrolling and start listening 

  2. You will align with your authentic direction and trust yourself and just take action based on your inner knowing rather than your guessing 

  3. Develop unstoppable self belief and confidence in your self and promotion and sales so you can empower people to make empowered decisions 

  4. Deepen your intuitive nature and evolve your creative excellence by fully awakening your full potential 

  5. Make massive growth and impact with your work so you can live a free and fulfilled life

  6. Stand out above the crowd of competition as the credible expert and leader you are

  7. Time, money and emotional freedom 

Why do I need this?

  • If you want to stop wasting time and start living more then this is the accelerator to shift you forwards

  • If you've been been wasting money on marketing, ad's and you still feel like your not heard or seen this is for you as we create a unique strategy that works in alignment with you- No more will you compare yourself to others 

  • If you've tried it all before and you have been stung with investment after investment and your still not seeing results - people who come to me have tried everything 

  • If procrastination and perfectionism is ruining your performance and productivity and you feel like you running round in circles then this is for you, we release all the blockages that are holding you back from being your best at being you-

  • Your done with burn out and overwhelm and your ready to work smarter

  • Are you attracting draining or clients that undervalue you, or you often feel like its a struggle to see any change in your clients, its probably because they are not aligned or fitted to your mission- We make change once and for all with that so you start attracting your ideal clients with ease 

  • Start making the right decisions and charging your value

  • You will build your unique niche, brand presence, get you embodied with confidence and powerfully visible so you can start thriving with your tribe and you get to get paid well

  • Your done with letting your dreams pass you by


  1. Say goodbye to headaches of confusion and say hello to a clear head, heart and business that is all aligned as it should be- This is when thing just naturally flow and opportunities just come your way

  2. Welcome to the best version of yourself who show's up full of energy, vibrance and shines their light to the people that understand are are ready to work with you - You become limitless and a valued lifeline by your clients 

  3. Build a strong visual brand presence on social platforms across the board- Clear, concise and consistent branding is key to creating recognition, credibility and i promise you  you will reap the rewards 

  4. Release hidden blocks to success in your energy field that you haven't uncovered on your own

  5. 7 pillar structure for your brand that will ripple out and compound into all other areas of your life

  6. Liberate and let go off the layers off limitations such as feeling overshadowed and overwhelmed

  7. Be a magnet to unlimited opportunities and awaken your full potential 

  8. Deepen your spiritual knowledge and apply an easier fun way to work using the Spiritual laws of success, Theta healing and identity to step into your power and authentic presence

  9. Stop striving and start thriving 

  10. Be the master not the slave 

Programme Structure 


3 months Programme £6,997 (Installments available over 3 months - £2,444 x 3)

 Manifesting your message 

Package your promise



Envision you reality

 Find and express your true voice authentically

 Heart to heart marketing

Ignite your value 

Design your identity

Deliver your purpose 



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