Personal Branding, Visibility & Manifesting

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Personal Branding, Visibility & manifesting mentorship

Through these mentorship sessions I can help you get crystal clear, helping you to let go off what is unconsciously holding you back, that which you might not even be aware of and we will pave the pathway to progress in getting you powerfully visible so you triple your income with ease and make more impact.

We work through the hidden blocks to success and clear them out once and for all so you can move forwards with ease and momentum whilst monetizing and scaling your conscious business online to make more impact, changing more lives. 

This will help you to evolve and expand your creativity, confidence, connection to unstoppable levels whilst you learn and spiritually develop in the process and you get to have fun in the process! 

I will guide you into effective and empowering client attraction marketing and messaging, how to speak your true voice and show up with full unapologetic true expression whilst harnessing your power to reach next levels in your business that are fulfilling both financially and purposefully.

Letting go of the technology and social media overwhelm and networking without feeling icky or vulnerable. 

These are breakthrough sessions which create real results straight away.

My client Sathya let go off years of procrastination just in one 45 minute session so he could step

into his power and presence with his healing and coaching business. 

My client Elena tripled her income just after one session after letting go of a draining client- she attracted a high ticket high vibe client, with values aligned. 

My client Sarah couldn't speak her true voice and was struggling with pressure in her body and her jaw, lack of clarity and confidence and receiving sales in her business after one 30 minute session she felt lighter, pressure released, speaking from her heart without fear of judgement, seeing solutions rather than problems, flow and getting to dos done with ease in her life and business and manifested £190 in stock sales. 

To book your session, lets connect on a zoom call to see if we're a right match to work together.

4 x 90 minute zoom sessions with full month accountability

Access to my personal whats app

Social media channel optimization / branding design & monetizing your Facebook group hacks

Credibility, authority and visibility report to build leads, client trust and client enrollments 

£1,177- Pay in full / Installments available. 

or £397 - 90 minute session