Clubhouse Bio Optimization TEMPLATE Framework
(Stand out from the clubhouse noise and competition)

Branding and Manifesting Printable Masterclass Workbook 
-Powerfully set your vision 
-Embody your expert yoga identity with credible positioning
- Awaken your true yoga genius brand power to attract your ideal tribe of dream clients

Money, Manifesting and Magnetism Printable Masterclass Workbook 
-Release deep sabotaging belief systems so you can create more abundance flow 
-Let go of fears and layers of money blocks so you can start loving your money and start living with financial power and earn from purpose
- Learn how to manifest your desires not your fears 

From content to cash - Magnetic Marketing 101 CHEATSHEET
-Let go off fluffy, crickets content and create strong, powerful and potent content that harnesses your story and purpose to serve with integrity, authenticity and leadership.
-Use this framework to build meaningful, thought provoking and emotional triggering content that connects and converts leads to real clients and cash in the bank
-Inspire, empower and attract your ideal client to you from your magnetic energy and educate people to make positive change

How to Identify and Establish your Expert Entrepreneur Identity in 10 Easy Steps to attract more High Ticket Students out of nowhere

-Embody your personal brand authority is 10 easy steps so you never second guess yourself again

-Position yourself as the expert, serve more, achieve more with ease and receive more organic clients who just can’t wait to work with you!

-Show up online with embodied unstoppable confidence and feel incredible everyday you'll be an instant magnet - Optimize the law of magnetism to work for you 

-Be relatable, irresistible and have people reach out to YOU-

Convert your testimonials to more heart to heart aligned sales -TEMPLATE
Learn how to make emotional testimonials that turn into client conversions
Empower your clients to share their journey and story to your audience 
Build trust, social proof and share real client success stories to inspire your audience to take action

10 Simplified Steps to step into your sovereignty for superpower manifesting!