Authentic Brand  Presence

through purpose

Fabian- Yoga Teacher
Carla- CJM Accounting
Ed- Battle Jackets
Nadene - Magnetix
Maria - The Feminine Way
Tichea Brade
Yoga with Bee
Sam- Strong Wills
Julian- Gander Media Solutions
Nadia - Superhuman Academy

Lets breathe your brand into bliss..

At Donna Marie Photography and Design I am here to help you...


Express yourself and values through branding presence on social media, networking and in the real world

Empower and embody your authenticity and authority with unstoppable self belief 

Evolve with pure crystal clarity and confidence so you can create consistent desired outcomes in your life and business

I am here to help you build strong brand presence and identity so you can concentrate on being a leader.


This really is a journey and unique experience of stepping into your full soul potential as a leader to fully embody the expert that you are..

Your brand is what stands you out from the crowd of competition and is what pulls clients to reach out and work with you..

As we work 1:1 I guide you through a deep journey of envisioning, empowerment and expression so you evolve to unstoppable levels in life and business. 

This journey isn't for everyone, it really is only for you if you have been in business for two or more years or your ready to invest as a start up..


 If your ready for so much more, this a journey of self discovery and you have to be ready and willing to step outside the comfort zone to see changes because I will challenge you. 

There are two ways you can work with me :

1. Personal Branding Mentorship

2. Business Therapy & Manifesting Mentorship








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