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True Self Photography

Fabian- Yoga Teacher
Carla- CJM Accounting
Ed- Battle Jackets
Nadene - Magnetix
Maria - The Feminine Way
Tichea Brade
Yoga with Bee
Sam- Strong Wills
Julian- Gander Media Solutions
Nadia - Superhuman Academy

A creative approach to branding..

At Donna Marie Photography and Design I am here to help you...


Express yourself and values through branding presence

Empower and embody your authentic power and true self

Evolve with self belief and unstoppable confidence



I am here to coach you to build your brand and capture it...



Be you, be visible, be magnetic!


Stand up and stand out with authentic branding and true self photography..


This is a journey and bespoke experience of stepping into your full soul presence as a leader to fully embody the power and professional expert that you are..


Whatever category your business is, your unique brand is what stands you out from the crowd of competition and walking your talk.

I guide you through a deep inner coaching & creative journey that will enable you to harness empowerment and confidence in yourself and express the leader and brand that is you. 

Become a magnet to your ideal clients because they instantly, feel and know that you are right for them..

I come to you for comfort and convenience so your photos can be as natural and authentic to your business & brand as possible and you can have fun in the process!!


Emotions, energy and authenticity is everything!








Consulting & Branding Shoot Process..

More than just photos but a journey of self discovery, empowerment and self mastery!


Step 1


1 hour Complimentary connection, communication & consultation zoom call

We get to know each other, discuss your needs, values and ideas..

I coach you through any fears or blockages in this process (this is an ongoing process and how I work so we get the best from you !)


Step 2


The creation process begins ..

Ideas flow, we discuss and pin them on Pinterest of which I'll set you up your personal board.


Step 3 


The shoot day..

I come to your space to make the shoot as natural as possible

(outdoors weather depending if you choose) 


Give 2-3 hours to connect deeper..


I guide you through some consulting and coach you through some techniques such as..


Breathwork and grounding to relax and centre you, bringing you into present awareness..


Adding some face yoga so your face looses any nervous tension- this is key for head-shots !


I guide you through how to embody your feminine and masculine energies to get the best angles, poses so we bring you power out and capture, flow, capture!


Step 4 


Editing process - Using minimal Photoshop touch up

I polish and reveal that authentic look through personalized intuitive channeling to deliver a max of 100 shots

Step 5 

Your photos will be social media ready after 7 days but my process of delivery is to offer you an hour of reveal so for us to follow up, you can see your pictures 1:1, you can then reflect, review and share !

A full branding shoot is an investment of £397 (Installments available)


If you would like to know more about working with me lets have a chat!

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