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Donna Marie Erotic Embodiment 

London, UK

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Donna Marie

Erotic Embodiment

Live happy, wild and free through sexual empowerment and embodied orgasmic energy 

Donna Marie



I am so happy you have landed here..

I am Donna Marie,

Embark on the spiritual path of erotic embodiment and sexuality to upgrade your life, and find freedom and fulfillment in your relationships...

As a spiritual teacher I combine the ancient wisdom of yoga and tantra with my own erotic twist of teachings and embodied experiences to empower you to a place of fulfillment, joy, pleasure and orgasmic states.  


We need more men and women in this world who are committed to evolving..

To find your innate power and return to authenticity, truth and meaningful presence. 

I believe we all deserve to experience the highest embodied states of pleasure and to live a life of fulfilling our deepest desires without judgement and shame.  

Through erotic embodiment I believe that every person has a a unique genius waiting to be discovered from deep within them and that  sexuality holds the deepest path to discovering that and finding fulfillment..

I work intensively 1:1 of which I offer a unique experience to those who are ready to delve deep into their journey of self discovery, to truly discover their unique sensual and erotic side and creative excellence..

The two go hand in hand. Your sexual energy is your creative energy..

How I help you is I guide you to unbecome what you are not and awaken that which you are by connecting you back with your heart and hara and align that with your head, so you can live the life that you desire to have with all the pleasures that follow from that. 

Reinventing yourself in a beautiful yet fiercely powerful way is an investment in yourself to move forward in your life and is

nothing to be scared off..

It means taking leaps of faith, trust, getting out of your own way and owning yourself.

It does take a yes from yourself to take this journey because you have to be ready for your whole reality to change for the better..

I have walked this path myself and everything I teach you I have fully embodied myself..


I wouldn't say it was 'easy' but it is certainly CONSISTENTLY rewarding on many levels. 


It is a journey of stepping outside of the comfort zone consistently that requires self commitment to doing the inner work to achieve these states of freedom.. 

It can often be a bumpy ride as you are going along, but as you discover and awaken your sexual power you rapidly create fast shifts in your life on all aspects that are real, incredible and forever expansive.. 

There is no reap the rewards by experiencing the journey fully and being present..

By being erotically empowered and liberated you access your unique genius and power for unlimited potential, possibility and pleasure states within your life, sexuality and relationships..

As you let go of what no longer serves you, you should expect to stand in your power and presence with unstoppable confidence where you just seem to attract opportunities, people and situations that evolve and grow you on a deeply personnel level..


I am a bold, honest, but beautiful sole to work with, I walk my talk and strut my stuff, not because of Ego but because I know myself and what I want and I achieve it without pushing, forcing of trying to hard. 

As your coach and teacher I will always challenge you to push your limits as I hold your hand through the journey.. 

Take time to make your soul happy!

Donna Marie