Creative Accelerator Packages 

As your full branding expert specializing in holistic, well being and creative brands, I help you get crystal clarity, get powerfully visible and get soul aligned clients !


Branding is your voice, the reason your here, your purpose, fulfillment..

Creatively being able to visualize your dreams starts with your brand..

Envisioning it..




Energy is everything in business..

Energy is always flowing differently in and out of a brand creating dissonance, tension or disconnection..

We make the opposite happen!


The power of authenticity should not be underestimated..

Without a brand you don't have a business..

Have you created your brand ?

I'm here to help you build your brand from the root and evolve it, so you can serve your purpose and get paid doing what you love! 

Brand recognition and credibility is key..

People buy from people who are experts in their field..


Full branding stands you out as the expert.

Professional attraction branding and marketing is what attracts your soul clients ..

When you are in full alignment with your brand as a whole you gain more as you make more impact.

Check out my branding services, I'm here to inspire, empower, and brand you to success!

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Brand Mastery Accelerator

Coaching and Consulting Package

For holistic, wellness, spiritual

and creative entrepreneurs 

Your brand is your voice..

Your brand is your business


Energy, Vision, Purpose and

Presence are the 4 keys to

unlocking brand mastery

and making business a


Lets work together so we can integrate your power and vision

from your mind into reality! 

Develop your brand identity

and energy..

Create your mission statement

and bio..

Learn how to present your

business to your audience..

We create a strategic approach

to communicate, leverage and accelerate your business

online and offline that

is alignment with your soul



Stand up, stand out, be visible!

6 Sessions

90 minutes per session


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Branding Accelerator

Ideal for busy business owners who have no idea about branding.


You were born to stand out and you came to this world for a reason. 

Allow the power of your vibrational social media brand to create instant client connection. 


It is key to stand out on social media these days with so much noise and competition it's vital to be identified and distinguished quickly in the minds of your clients emotions.


Emotion and energy is everything. 

Working to your bespoke needs I offer creative, channeled and intuitive branding that is instantly going to attract your audience like a magnet.

We focus on one social channel for successful consistency, powerful presence and engagement.


If you have had your branding photos done we can maximize them across your preferred social to really speak to your clients.

Or you have them done elsewhere we can repurpose them for optimum social media presence. 



Full Branding Shoot & Social Media Make-over

Includes free consultation


Includes full branding creative process  

Then a full branding makeover..

We give your banners / covers across all social media channels a complete make-over ​

We revamp your logo..


We update your profile photo's across all channels..

We revamp and realign your website with the new version of you!


Image by Zulmaury Saavedra

Website, Email & Google make-over

Includes free consultation, website and email audit


Through personalized website branding we renew, revitalize and revamp your website so it speaks you and your brand..


Email signatures personalization


Google services personalization



Single Digital Creation

(Includes free consultation)

Choose from :




You-tube channel art 

Email headers

Animated social media

Digital business card


Anything else?


Branding VA (Ad hoc) 

£47 per hour

Anything you need doing for social media branding but you don't have time ?


Just count on me 


Website, Email & Google make-over

Monthly social media branding ​

Posting regularly is key to business traction, recognition and visibility 

I offer monthly branding solutions to cover your social platforms 

For example..

​Turning your branding photos to posts


Social channel stories personalized to your brand, words, image and message ​

Big Project ?

Like a social media personal video  ?

Or networking presentation?


Lets discuss your needs. 

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