Transformative Reiki & Readings 

A journey within reading and consultation

Open to the truth of your soul

Overcome repetitive patterns that do not serve your soul purpose. 


Through a journey of self surrender, we use the modalities of breathwork, meditation, reiki and accessing the akashic records to discover who you are at soul level. 

The akashic records are a library of decisions and choices you've made in this life and past lives. 


The akashic records are a soul-level consciousness, or "energetic library," containing an archive of all your souls throughout existence and your journeys and emotions.

By accessing these records we can clear the energy of the past that is still holding you back today and end the internal battle..

You clear whats blocking you, of which you will gain any information that is available to support you on your journey to move forward and expand your awareness..

Get clarity and into alingment and take intuitive inspired action with who you are at soul level so you are able to fully express your authentic self and manifest what you desire. 

Discover your highest soul essence and purpose..


Email reading, £47

Phone call reading, £97

90 minutes zoom reading, £197