Soul Business Readings

My business readings are designed to create crystal clarity, give you now, near future and future insight into next action steps and truth into creating your business goals and vision. Due to the nature of this reading being based on the here, next and future, I am able to provide you with how to effectively change your energy to also create the desired result.


A future reading is very important and a powerful thing because as I channel the accurate insight specifically for you based on the questions you ask you will receive direct answers therefore being aligned to the best next steps to take through empowered decision / choice making.  

We start the session with a meditation to attune you, followed by clearing of beliefs which takes around 90 minutes. 

I then use a combination of mediumship and soul inner guidance card reading to channel your deepest knowing and unlock the soul of your business so I can transmit all messages and the energy back to you for you to attain grounded action.

The session is around 2 hours but can go over due to the depth of clearing and reading.

Just to clarify there are 3 steps to this reading:

1. Alchemy: (Clearing belief programmes to unblock the way to clear reading and receiving) 

2. Attunement: Soul Embodiment to connect mind, body and soul as one

3. Alignment: Full Reading and aligning with action steps  

Investment :