Case Studies and results

Upon Nadia's breakthrough session..

We went though a deep journey through the self...

Finding deeper aspects of self realization, unblocking and releasing energy & money blocks that didn't serve her..

So she could connect deeper with herself, learn more about herself and have a direct clarity of vision for manifesting it into reality

Callie only had one session with me and we unblocked so much in her !

Since our first session ...

She’s been this magnetic manifestor and found her life purpose 


She’s smashing it..


Since once session..

Elena Brooking is an interior designer a Feng Shui consultant...

She was stuck in cycles of diffusing her energy to different projects...

The stop start cycle..

Extreme energy momentum then the next minute feeling deflated and unmotivated..

Keeping her stuck unable to move forward without pushing..

Which caused blocks around motivation and making progress in her business..

Upon a energy clearing session we cleared stuck energy in her heart, legs, throat and arms, where her blocks limiting beliefs were located..

That were causing her high level anxiety..

We connected her back in tune her body and into HER energy..

and sprung her back into action..

Since the session she has a clear focus , has started her podcasts, is getting creative with her interior design work and back into action with ease !

Massive wins for Miro!

Miro went from a $80k months feeling maybe possible to now feeling like he could go way past $140 k per months with his coaching business..

After having 1 session with me he made a post that resulted in in $12k in 24 hours!


Vibrational alignment is power!


Just after one session!