Lets get visible!


What's your gift of greatness?

So what are you the expert in and how are you portraying that..

Are you showing yourself as the authority to empower people to take action ?

My Branding photography goes beyond more than just photos ..

It’s about building your presence, purpose and supercharging your performance so you attract more dream clients ...

It goes beyond the standard headshot and we go behind the scenes of what you to capture your true story..

You see we shop with our eyes and it’s all visual these days..


So branding photography makes a huge impact on your business ..


-It shows your invested and very passionate about what you do as we photograph you from the heart you connect to the hearts of your leads and clients

-We can deliver the personality of your business

-Inspire and influence your audience to reach out and work with you 

-Create unique content that stands out from the crowd and see it being shared 

-Submit them to the press to get more visibility, credibility and ultimately more clients

-Give your brand a revitalizing make over so your audience feel amazing when they land on your page

-Increased soul aligned sales

-Help people easily remember you

-Increased engagement, meet new people and help more people

-Save money and gain time

-Image strategy to get seen and heard publicly I could go on !


If you ready to step into the greater vision of your purpose and create more impact in 2021 then you have landed in the right place..

Consulting & Branding Shoot Process..

More than just photos but a journey of self discovery, empowerment and self mastery!


Step 1


1 hour Complimentary connection, communication & consultation zoom call

We get to know each other, discuss your needs, values and ideas..

I coach you through any fears or blockages in this process (this is an ongoing process and how I work so we get the best from you !)


Step 2


The creation process begins ..

Ideas flow, we discuss and pin them on Pinterest of which I'll set you up your personal board.


Step 3 


The shoot day..

I come to your space to make the shoot as natural as possible

(outdoors weather depending if you choose) 


Give 2-3 hours to connect deeper..


I guide you through some consulting and coach you through some techniques such as..


Breathwork and grounding to relax and centre you, bringing you into present awareness..


Adding some face yoga so your face looses any nervous tension- this is key for head-shots !


I guide you through how to embody your feminine and masculine energies to get the best angles, poses so we bring you power out and capture, flow, capture!


Step 4 


Editing process - Using minimal Photoshop touch up

I polish and reveal that authentic look through personalized intuitive channelling to deliver a max of 100 shots

Step 5 

Your photos will be social media ready after 7 days but my process of delivery is to offer you an hour of reveal so for us to follow up, you can see your pictures 1:1, you can then reflect, review and share !

A full branding shoot is an investment of £1500 (Instalments available)


If your ready lets get you in the spotlight today!

Click the button below and i'll be in touch on receipt of your email. 


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