Authentic branding photography


Let me bring the essence and aliveness to your brand !


Stand up, stand out, lets capture you!


As a photographer and branding expert I coach you through a process so we can capturing your true authentic self and brand ..

A picture speaks a 1000 words..

Authentic branding and true self portraiture is about being...


Expressing your values..

A journey of creation to end result..

What makes you and your brand authentic is your purpose ..

We go behind the scenes so I can capture your genius...

Showing who you are and why you do what you do..

What I do....

As your personal brand advisor and creative director, we together create a profitable & impactful brand and business through alignment of personal brand expertise and personal embodiment. 

I offer a bespoke and holistic approach to photography, to capture the real you- you are your brand!

​​So you can be more visible at networks, on social platforms and show yourself as the expert..


People buy from people who are experts in their field

It's about expressing and highlighting how you can help..


It's also more than just photos..

All my clients have said it has helped them boost their confidence and step you up to the next level of service and they have seemed to just attracted opportunities and grown since their shoot..​


Why does that happen?

Being a therapeutic approach..

We break through fears and barriers..​

You have a day of fun and leave feeling empowered and inspired and this continues after your shoot..​

You'll stand out above the crowd on social media as we use your shots to create connective and inspiring content that inspires, influences and impacts..

You feel more present in your service..

Through that ripple effect you ...​


Gain clearer clarity about moving forwards, next steps in your career..

You supercharge your visibility to next levels..

Attract new clients and more..


I’m not your average photographer, with all my holistic and therapy background clients often say they their shoot experience is like a journey of self discovery and getting to the real core of who they are..

That this has helped them speak their true voice and shine their light on others..


We go beyond the mind with my branding shoots and I promise you that you'll see yourself in a different light as will your audience.