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Now In Partnership with Julian Knopf as Co-Founder of EQUILIBRIUM


Business Mystic, Creatrix, Pleasure Advocate and Catalyst of Change Activator Facilitator 

Donna Marie Morgana is a business mystic, speaker, creatrix and pleasure advocate who is able to co-create with you to rise in health, wealth and happiness. She has over 25 certifications, including her Brainz 500 Global award for the Top 500 Influential Leaders who are recognized for their success, achievement and dedication to helping others as well as other features, publications including SKY TV and has transformed the productivity and wellness of teams of large global corporations such as Deloitte and Lloyds Bank. Including her 20 years of experience, expertise and embodiment in transformational facilitation of massive change in individuals and organizations, she continues to share her work nationally and globally.

Do you want to actualize massive change in your world in all areas ?

How many times have you done the same thing over in and over in business and experienced the same result?

Do you believe there is more and there can be an easier way to achieve it? Have you chosen it?

Well you’re here, so that's a choice you've chosen, so thanks for choosing.

Business is the art of learning how to undo definition and clear limitation, follow the energy and receive..

You don’t need to learn how to ‘manifest’, instead we invite you into your knowing, to perceive it clearer than you ever have been willing to before.

We at Equilibrium are inviting you into the question world of possibilities where a new reality is created, you choose and you actualize it, effortlessly.

How many strategies have you been choosing that haven’t allowed you the ease, success and experience of truly living?

So what is truly living for you? What is success for you and are you receiving or trying far more than you actually ‘need’ to?

There is no one size fits all plan that will get you the results that you want, you have to find what’s true and light for you by following the energy and integrating steps with ease.

It doesn’t need to be as difficult as you have made it to be or have been taught..

We are here to guide you into accessing you and empowering you with what you already know whilst making you increasingly aware of what you already know so you can have the dream business, money and joy you desire.

So if you are willing to receive far greater than you’ve ever been willing, we warmly invite you to join us to…

Join our next business clearing and creative container..

'Boundless Being - Boundless Business' which is a 2 hour deep dive energetic facilitation and creative container of moving out of defined strategies and creating from what you know..

Which includes:

Business Alchemy: Group business and money clearing’s to open you up to receiving infinite abundance and possibilities, greater awareness of your magic, power and potency. Also expand your life and business exponentially.

Mission To Mars: Group business coaching to understand your business differently and explore your creative edge

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