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Donna Marie Erotic Embodiment 

London, UK

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My journey from trauma to transformation ..

From pain to pleasure..

Hell to happiness..


Struggle to strength..

Erotica to enlightenment..

As per the picture above it tells a story..

As a child born with physical defects to my hands and body and as a child growing up that was a tough journey to endure, being bullied at school consistently, I struggled with focus, concentration and learning was not certainly not easy..

I was a distracted child, the only time I was happy was when I was creating art forms at school and later in my educational life the direction I took was a creative one..

I spent some great years at Herts Regional College studying the ins and outs of fine art and creative design then after that embarked on a full time degree at RADA - Royal Academy Of Dramatic Art in Technical Theatre and Stage Management, I was in my happy place it was full on creation! 

However I fell into a dark slumber after being in a three year abusive relationship and then continued this reliving this pattern in my relationships following that some of which I endured sexual abuse in and outside of this..

I fell into some dark destructive patterns and was lucky to recover from three near death misses, how I am alive today is a miracle! I was definitely here for a big purpose, come to think of it these were definite awakenings on my journey of self discovery..

A few years past, but I ended up with severe depression, anxiety, panic attacks and trauma for my experiences of which were self diagnosed as I started to study the mind, body and holistic therapy for 8 years..

I went to college for the second time round and embarked on a deeply transformative holistic healing journey of recovery which 

ended up turning into a very successful career, I set up my first business Holistic Bodymind helping others like myself heal and get their life back on track. 

I fell into another abusive relationship sadly but this was again another awakening for me after some personal circumstances that resulted in sexual trauma and enduring the most painful loss. 

Six years in Yoga and Tantra came into my life and I trained with the best with the Shanti Centre training school on a powerful and life changing 200 hour Yoga and spiritual development teacher training experience. This was a huge turning point for me with self healing, finding my path and becoming the best version of myself. 


Then I discovered Yin and Kundalini Yoga and qualified as teacher in these beautiful life changing practices.


From my 8 years of study I never stop learning. 


Over the last year I delved very deep into my journey of becoming an even better version of myself through body love and acceptance through therapeutic modeling with'The Way You Are' by Gander Photography and I combined my tantric teachings, yoga and holistic background all in one and I decided to combine my teachings, embodied experiences and journey of deep self discovery to create art and deliver my teachings to inspire and empower others. 

 Due to sensitive nature of eroticism its not for everyone however my intention is always from respect, holding space and I

make my practice non threatening, soothing, nourishing and deeply penetrative that it really creates massive change!

It's definitely not for the faint hearted.


Eroticism as enlightenment

Everything about embodiment involves intention—you make it pleasure a priority, because pleasure is joy, happiness and feeling free in your mind and body. We all deserve that.  

It’s about finding the true essence of our being, beneath all the veils and layers that hide who we truly are.

To seek from the unreal to the real.

To break away from self limiting beliefs to explore our desires and respecting ourselves and sexuality. 

When we realize and wake up to the reality that we do not find our happiness from material things but from real embodied experience, then you truly feel the ecstasy and bliss that your looking for. 

Being empowered in your eroticism is not about performance but pure presence..⠀


We can absolutely relate eroticism to turn ourselves or others on but the experience of this practice is deeply personal to everyone individually...⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

⠀⠀ ⠀⠀

It’s about letting go of rules, restrictions and labels so we can get out of our head and into our heart and body to get to know your true self by letting your feelings lead you in a way that is intuitive and explorative, not exploitive.⠀ ⠀⠀


Moving into your body is about letting go off the questions, the second guessing, the over analyzing and just experiencing 


⠀ ⠀

Your sensuality and eroticism holds very unique and beautifully poetic moments of play that will support you deeply on your manifestation journey and unlocking the magic within you to be the creator you are here to be. ⁣.

All of our live’s answers are within us, it’s about tuning into that innate wisdom and uncovering what our body is telling you.


Are you ready for your journey of a lifetime?