7 Days of Financial Ascension,

Client Magnetism


Freedom Flow

JOIN OUR CIRCLE & REVOLUTION - Starts 14th February 2022


Spring into blissful receiving....


Are you ready to claim your sovereign financial power as

a divine heart business owner and ceo?



Combining the power of business energetics, access, theta healing, invocation and manifestation to attract, actualise and ascend your money world...

1. Be part of a Private Facebook Group & set your frequency high for receiving lashings of luscious cash

2. Receive Daily Money Activations & Healing Downloads Live

3. Gain more access to you and unleash your creative energy to ascend your business with ease, elegance and grace

4. Channel your sexual energy as you activate your true voice and make more money from pleasure, playfulness and power.

Access all recordings up to 7 days after

Starts Mon 14th Feb 

We start daily at 11:11

(If you can't make it live, there will be downloadable access to the recordings)

Daily Schedule:


Monday 14th : 11:11AM

Setting the Golden Frequency / Wealth Currency: Lets get crystal clear on your worth and value with potent prosperity vibration


Tuesday 15th: 11:11AM

Purify and dissolve blocks to divine wealth clearing & cord clearing with theta healing downloads


Wednesday 16th: 11:11AM

Expanding The Energy Field of Wealth Creation and Money as energy visualisation / activation


Thursday 17th: 11:11AM

Future Energy Reading, See yourself in your Future Reality


Friday 18th: 11:11AM

Divine Wealth Invocation & manifestation healing downloads to exponentially expand your wealth world


Saturday 19th 11:11AM

You are the money - Wealth activation and actualisation through deep question


Sunday 20th 11:11AM

Chakra Clearing Movement Medicine to remove deeper blockages and open up your energy field to unleash creativity and become magnetic


Prosperity Pleasure Practice for true voice activation - The more you speak your truth the more money you make.

Join us - £77

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