Donna Marie is a spiritual creative consultant, coach and photographer in the field of authentic branding and true self portraiture.

She takes a holistic approach to her work and supports heart-centred creatives and business owners to align, embody and fully express yourself and values as your brand so you can stand up confidently and stand out and be the leader you were born to be and get powerfully visible !


She helps you bring an end to the overwhelm, procrastination and whirlwind of your mind and unblock to unlock your full creative potential and power so you can stand in your full presence and make money doing what you love !


Donna is an expert in helping you to release what is holding you back from actualizing your vision so you can pave the pathway, get focused, in flow and feel free to live your life as you.. 


Donna’s love and passion for spirituality and finding her purpose came from her painful past and near - death experiences.


Through over ten years of holistic healing modalities, creativity and business creation she found happiness, freedom and joy back in her life. 


Over the last ten years working in the creative and theatrical arts this really was the beginning of her creative career in stage lighting, production assistant and art direction working in the west end on shows such as phantom of the opera and Swan lake the royal opera house as well as London based film projects.  


She moved into holistic well-being after taking a step away from the creative industry and pursued an 8 year career to this date.


As a compassionate emphatic guide Donna creates a safe held space for her valued clients through a non judgemental and empowering approach consistently along their journey. 

She is able to deeply and intuitively tune into your needs and locate the blocks you store personally and in your business so you can get clarity, get visible and get clients! 

Through over ten years of study and delivery in the creative arts, therapeutic healing, holistic coaching Donna’s expertise allows you to access your body-mind-heart intelligence and harness consistent and profound breakthroughs for lifetime transformation and spiritual self growth through her creative approach to branding and portraiture. 


Foundation degree in stage management and stage arts - Royal Academy of dramatic art

200 hour TTC Yoga and spiritual development teacher training in the study of classical Yoga Philosophy and traditional Hatha Yoga Practice 

Yin Yoga 30 hour TTC

Kundalini Yoga 


Tai Chi 

Kinetic Divination 

NLP- Neuro Linguistic Programming

EFT - Emotional Freedom Technique 

Sound Healing 

Reiki 1 & 2

Akashic Records Reader 

VTCT Level 3 Complementary Therapies : Reflexology, Aromatherapy and Swedish massage 

Deep tissue massage & anatomy & physiology 

Warm bamboo massage 

Hot stone massage 

Indian head massage 

Holistic Facials

On site massage 

She looks forward to guiding you through this journey of self discovery, transformation and capturing your genius

Donna Marie x

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